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(FY-SHINEEXO) Hiring EXO Updaters


We are currently searching for diligent staff members who will be able to update for EXO and/or translate.


  • Be active on a daily basis
  • Willing to learn the tagging system
  • Know the basics of navigating Twitter, Weibo, and fansites (if not, we will be willing to teach you)
  • Have an account on LINE or KakaoTalk

Please fill out the following form and sent it to fyexoshinee@gmail.com

  • Name: 
  • Tumblr URL: 
  • Twitter/LINE/KakaoTalk: 
  • Timezone: 
  • Exo or SHINee: 
  • How many hours can you dedicate?: 
  • Past/current experiences: 

Applications are open until further notice.

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